Tuesday, September 11, 2012

170 lbs for over a month!

So, I have not had a lot to say because nothing is changed. That is exactly what I want to talk about today. I have leveled out with my weight through work outs and diet. So, a normal day for me starts at 6 a.m. I go down to get a cup of coffee, then head to the basement for a workout. In my basement I have a universal machine, a bench, some dumbbells, a pull up bar, a treadmill and a heavy bag. This is a luxury, meaning I could and have done with less. I do Arms Monday, Chest Tuesday, Back Wednesday, Legs Thursday and a run Friday. If I miss a day for something I skip the run. Runs, bike rides, hikes etc are also done randomly in the evenings and weekends. I am only concerned with the morning base work out as a routine. Everything else is just letting life dictate. Currently, I do 2 sets of each routine. For example; 2 X 12 Curls, then 2 x 12 Pull Ups etc. as time permits. I also do sit ups and stretches as time permits. Personally, I record nothing. When I am done I take a shower and get dressed. NO Breakfast. I eat Breakfast about twice a week as life dictates, but never planned. I eat a big lunch every day and a small dinner. For lunch I go out to Primal friendly restaurants and/or pick at my plate to avoid the grains etc. I do not get hungry at all because I do not start on the Insulin roller coaster early in the morning, I eat a big lunch and rarely want dinner, but I do eat it for two reasons. I cook for the family and we will sit down as one and I know I will not eat until noon the next day. I do not worry about any consumption after dinner, meaning dessert of any kind or the CW rule of "No Eating After 8". So, what I am saying here is "It gets easier once it is a routine". I no longer desire bread or any of the crap I used to eat. I would say it took a year to make it a routine and now I just tweak it as I read something new. I highly recommend you fast one way or another. At first, when i started losing weight everyone asks what diet I was on and when I told them what I do the were hesitant. Now they see I have not gained any of the 30 lbs I lost and they are ready to reconsider.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Low Impact Workouts

So...at 45 years old there are a lot of things to consider when working out. Part of me wants to get huge by lifting heavy weights and the other part wants to minimize the impact on my old bones. My chiro is a fan of the latter. Anyways, I put my weight bench away during the holidays and decided to try something different. My current work out strategy goes like this; Monday I do push ups, pull ups etc. a complete body workout with minimal weights for curls, flies, tris and forearms, using just barbells. I do two sets of 15 for each muscle group, but not in a row. Tuesday I do 30 min speed walking on the treadmill. Wednesday I do Wii Fit for 30 min. mostly core workouts and balance games. Thursday I do the treadmill again. Friday I do weights unless I had to take a day off and everything slid a day. On the weekends I try to do a swim, run and indoor bike. I don't know if it is better or worse, but I think you can see how each exercise is beneficial. I guess mixing it up occasionally is the best message here. Perhaps I will feel the need to bulk up once the sweaters come off, which is soon I hope.