Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Barefoot Run

The plans are coming along nicely. I wasn't sure this would happen, but just recently I had two breakthroughs. I got in to see Steve at Running Fit. He has agreed to sponsor the event. This will open up the mailing list to a whole lot of runners in Michigan. He mentioned that they couldn't keep the Vibram Five Fingers in stock and that the Vibram rep might be interested in getting involved. The very next day my neighbor informed me that the U of M Police Benevolent Association is looking for a race to sponsor! It looks like things are moving forward now. The Race date is not set, but it will most likely be July 17th or 24th. Feel free to go to the facebook page.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Health Assessment

This is my first real experience where my beliefs have posed a dilemna in the real world. I had to fill out a questionaire for my insurance company. It was upsetting for me to think that I had to lie in order to pass the "good health" test. Here are some of the questions that Primal Lifestyle conflicts with CV;
1) When you are outside in the sun do you always wear sunscreen?
2) Do you consume X number of Whole Grains?
3) Do you salt your food?
4) Do you consume bacon?
As you can imagine, even after exagerating or outright fibbing I need to use sunscreen, eat more whole grains, stop using salt, cut down on animal fats and lose weight. Yea, I love the BMI calculations. So I guess I need to change my lifestyle back to a vegan with no muscle mass! I essentially feel powerless to challenge this because their guidelines are based on everything I know is wrong, but they can charge me more money every month if I don't conform.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life's Benchmark Moments

I had my 45th Birthday on the 27th. I consider this the half way point in my life. It got me thinking about everything I have done, wished I'd done and could have done if I focused. I realized there is a lot more life ahead of me and I was going to figure out some new goals and work towards them. I also realized that I have been handicapped by being an addict of one kind or another. At this point alcohol was my only crutch and it was a problem, so I decided to quit. Not for a while, but forever. That is quite a goal. It has been my biggest roadblock for being truly Primal. Whether you think drinking is okay or not really depends on your disposition to being an addict. Some people, like myself, can't have just one. If you can't have just one then it is a problem. That goes for anything. I also lost my mother to old age this last weekend. I have been practicing the Primal Lifestyle for a year now. It all seems to point towards an opportunity to begin a new era in my life. I don't know what all 2011 has to hold, but it looks like it will be a significant year in my life.