Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Health Assessment

This is my first real experience where my beliefs have posed a dilemna in the real world. I had to fill out a questionaire for my insurance company. It was upsetting for me to think that I had to lie in order to pass the "good health" test. Here are some of the questions that Primal Lifestyle conflicts with CV;
1) When you are outside in the sun do you always wear sunscreen?
2) Do you consume X number of Whole Grains?
3) Do you salt your food?
4) Do you consume bacon?
As you can imagine, even after exagerating or outright fibbing I need to use sunscreen, eat more whole grains, stop using salt, cut down on animal fats and lose weight. Yea, I love the BMI calculations. So I guess I need to change my lifestyle back to a vegan with no muscle mass! I essentially feel powerless to challenge this because their guidelines are based on everything I know is wrong, but they can charge me more money every month if I don't conform.

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