Monday, October 25, 2010


Took my daughter to the track yesterday for some barefoot running. She and I both ran a mile. She is just seven. I told her to just do two laps, but she didn't heed my advice because she felt it was important to push herself. Mind you, she is pushing herself. I stubbed my toe on the second lap. I ran through it and also did my 100 yard sprints-4 of them. Then we did the bleachers together. Two sets! Back to the stubbed toe. It started hurting yesterday. I figure it will take a little time to heal but I am not too worried. I think stuff like this is natural and strengthens you in the long run. I seem to remember getting a few of these in my youth when I ran the neighborhood barefoot. It also reminded me of something I learned while doing my research. You must pay attention when barefootin. Of course, I have been running barefoot for six months now and got a little too comfortable, especially on the "safe" track. I guess a little throbbing in the big toe for a week should leave a lasting impression.

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