Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Training Philosophy

I just read a great blog on Primal Muse called Training Philosophy. It has motivated me to change my whole work out program. While this information is nothing new in the Primal world, it has a direct correlation to my triathlon training and bike riding specifically. Please go to his link for the scientific verbiage, but for the laymen I will spell out what I have done and will change. The CV has always been to put in the base miles during the winter and to train with light to medium weights with higher reps for us endurance athletes. I always considered myself an endurance athlete, but Olympic distance triathlons aren't really that long. Now that I have been reading Mark's blog and following Primal I have begun sprint workouts, lifting heavy things etc., but still worried about the distance. Jamie recommends getting the speed and the power base and throw in the endurance at the end. Naturally, the opposite of CV. But why should I be surprised? If I have learned one thing in the last 6 months, it's that everything I thought I knew, and was so smug about, was wrong. So, it's time to up the weights, shorten the distances, increase the sprints and plan on kicking some butt next year. I move into a new age group next year, 45-49, so I'm pretty excited about that. On the other hand, I have found that the guys my age doing triathlons tend to be pretty serious, so it's no easy task kicking their butts. I am going to set my goal of top 20% in my age group. That would differ from the usual middle of the pack.

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