Friday, November 12, 2010

Weight Issues Updated

I am on track again. A few things I am changing are the size of my lunches. I found two lunches which are more Primal and less money. Westgate Thai, as we call it, has Tom Kha Gai (sic), which is a coconut milk soup with chicken and lime juice. It is about $5 and the tea is free. Sabor Latina has the tacos for $1.99 no cheese, but corn tortillas. I can eat two and be good. I have been working out with the increased weights doing lower reps and walking on the treadmill in between sets. I got my first morning run, for weeks, in yesterday. The temp was 40°, which really wasn't that bad in my VFFs. All this has kept the weight steady, but the waist shrinking. I think 175 is a reasonable goal for the end of the month. I will take some pictures and go further in depth on the food next week.

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