Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mexican Lunch

As I mentioned before, I found a few lower cost lunches that I was going to document. Of course, I forgot to take the picture until after it was mostly eaten. Today I went to Sabor Latino and ordered two Steak Tacos and a Mexican Coke. While they do use corn tortillas, I figure that's the worst of the meal. No cheese, like they do in Mexico, but lot's of onion and cilantro. I ask for the "Trio", which is their 3 salsas at no charge. I just use the pico de gallo and the HOT sauce. I do not touch the chips, which I know is hard for most, but I remember someone calling them "chips of death" so i just think about that. Mexican Coke is different, notice the bottle, and it has sugar instead of HFCS. This is the only soda I will drink. 2nd one since going Primal and I shared this one. $1.99 per Taco and $2.00 for the coke, plus $2.00 for the cute waitress.

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