Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The 80/20 Rule-My Interpretation

Mark talks about the 80/20 rule on his site and in his book. I have seen some comments on his site that I think misinterprets the concept. Let me begin by saying I am not one of those all or nothing kind of guys. I would compare it to my practicing Buddhism. While it is the philosophy that I believe in I am not going to become a monk. Likewise, I am following the Primal lifestyle, but I work and live with people that are not following my lifestyle and I can't control some aspects of my life. So, to me the 80/20 rule is to do the best you can within the constraints of your situation. For instance, I make burritos for dinner and my wife and daughter like beans and corn in theirs. I just make mine mostly meat and add a touch of beans and corn, but then put it on a salad instead of using a tortilla. Where this differs from others is that they may say 80% of the time they are adhering to the Primal way, but then have a big dessert or something along those lines. How I think this is different is that I try to adhere 100% of the time, but the outside forces will only allow me to be 80% compliant.

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  1. I think you have it spot on!!!! I think as long as you are making it MOSTLY paleo/primal given the situation then who cares if you chuck in something thats not as a side! I mostly have just primal meals. But last night I had some sour cream and added it to my mushrooms and pork. I just don't let stupid rules get in my way. But you said just how I feel about it!!! But whatever works for the given person I guess.