Monday, September 20, 2010

Alcohol Choices

None is not a choice. Real good beer makes me congested even more now that I have been avoiding grains. I can't drink the Bud Light and other watered down stuff because I spent the last 2 decades being a micro brew snob and my tastes just don't allow for the weak stuff. I tried to go with Tequila using the logic of Blue Agave not being a grain, but after a few shots it gets old and adding marg mix is bad since it is pure HFCS. I do like to drink wine, but it is a bit expensive and not always appropriate for the setting, as I can't picture Grok standing around with a glass of Cab holding a spear. So, now I am trying the hard cider. It seems to meet all of my Paleo requirements. A side benefit to drinking cider is that I am unlikely to drink a lot of these because they are tart and fizzy, yet it satisfies the need to drink a little alcohol while watching the Lions come close but fail, again. Anyone have other recommendations?

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