Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Bike and the Ride

I used to have two bikes, a handbuilt roadbike from Davidson Bicycles in Seattle. I loved that thing, but it was getting over 20 years old. Then I bought a very high end mtn Bike, which used to be the spare bike for Ruthie Matthes when she competed in the 2000 Olympics,  but decided I didn't like the off road trails and triathlons as much. So I just recently sold the Davidson and upgraded the mtn bike with road tires. Got my first ride in this weekend and it was very nice. I took the Border to Border trail starting at Barton Park and I ended up in Ypsi at the Sidetrack Restaurant. The trail is a great way to stay off the roads, for the most part, and still get a good workout. Since it was a Holiday I decided to have a non-primal Oberon, along with a bunless burger topped with goat cheese. I don't think I will be drinking beer during bike rides again. I felt really sluggish on the way home.

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