Monday, September 27, 2010

Grocery Shopping is an issue that has been confounding me and I hope to either get input from readers or I may have to resort to my own investigation. Or Both. I shop at Walmart for the prices and try to limit the processed food I buy, but my wife and daughter are still insisting on some items so I have to buy them to keep from having a revolt. I do get some fruits and vegetables from there, but they don't always have the best selections. I have noticed the Organics have increased. Then there is the meat. I will not buy any meat from Walmart because I know they are getting it from the mass production corporations. They question I have is what are the differences between the market down the road that butchers their own meat, Marv's Meats, which is a very good (popular) butcher, and the stuff I get at Arbor Farms. I know Arbor Farms carries the grass fed meats and they also have great produce, but where do the other two fall in? I am under the impression that Marv's is the next best thing and local market is almost as bad as Walmart, Meijer and Kroger, but is this correct?


  1. I agree, I think I will start asking those questions. Need to know what oils are used, where does the meat come from, etc.

  2. Do you know about Family Farms Co-op? great pastured meat, dairy and eggs.

    they come to Ann Arbor on Fridays between 11 and 12, you email your order by Wednesday then go and collect.

    its good stuff

  3. Thanks, I added it to my favorites and will investigate further. It looks like you have a blog, but I could not link to it. Anyways, thanks again.

  4. Pyman I think I made that blog a long time ago and it has one stupid entry on it :)

    I am here:

    I hope you get to try the co op out, they are good people making great produce. Btw, have you seen the guy that started The Brinery a the market on Saturdays? he is making live fermented sauerkraut and kimchee. Also very good. Kerrytown also sells it.

    Happy Holiday!