Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Haylee's First Day of School and Breakfast

I took Haylee to Barry's Bagels for breakfast before her first day of school. I no longer have bagels for breakfast and am positive that I have lost 5 lbs alone from avoiding them. I now get two slices of Lox. It tastes great, costs about the same as a bagel with cream cheese and I don't get hungry and tired an hour later. I struggle with feeding Haylee, since I don't want to impose my Primal eating on her 100% I will wait until she comes around to wanting to be healthier and stronger like her dad. Of course, I am still a bit of a food Nazi, but you can't really blame me after all I have read and experienced. The big corporations spend billions trying to influence her to eat processed food and I hope that I can offset that by giving her a consistent message of healthy eating while not forcing it down her throat, so to speak.

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