Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is it a Cold Or Allergies?

I think I have a cold. I half expected to never get sick again now that I am Primal, but that would be unrealistic I should imagine. Perhaps it isn't that I am sick, but the degree to which I am sick and how I am treating it. I have had a lingering sinus congestion, sneezing and all over tired. However, my wife had the same thing, and shared it with me, which kept her home Monday. Plus, aren't guys always considered wimpier than women anyways? So I followed some advice I think I received from Mark about how your body does certain things for a reason, like nasal drainage, and if you use decongestants it prolongs the healing process. I have not taken any medicine and continued to work out normally, with the exception of a little lighter weights since I didn't feel as strong. I took my daily vitamins and added some extra C. I tried to get a little extra sleep, but I already get 8, so there isn't time in the day for much more. Anyways, Allergies, Colds and Flu are often mentioned in Primal discussions as being non-existent and I think I have a cold. I am going to label this General Health so I can look back in a year to any illnesses I get and keep track. Too bad I don't have a baseline to compare against.

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